General Eco Lawn and Garden Product Application Instructions

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The following are tips for mixing and applying our liquid and soluble fertilizers and soil amendments with various types of sprayers. For most specific rates for each product, check the label on each product page and follow those directions closely. For products that have a range of ounces per thousand, there is no right or wrong amount. Generally more is better. You will not hurt your turf or garden by applying the lower or upper end of our recommended rates.

Hose-End Sprayer Application
For all of our products we give application instructions in ounces of product per thousand square feet. When using a sprayer, simply measure the area to be sprayed and calculate the amount of square feet and calculate the number of ounces needed to cover that area. Add the ounces to your hose-end sprayer and spray the area until all of the product is gone. Of course try and spray the product evenly over the area to be sprayed. Spray enough to lightly cover the grass or gardens

Adjustable Hose-End Sprayer Instructions
Adjustable Sprayers have a dial that adjusts the amount of product that is siphoned per gallon of water. The application rate can be changed by adjusting the setting. Start out with a 1 oz. per gallon setting.

Add the Product to the Bottle
Determine who much product you want to use on the lawn area.
3000 square foot lawn (50′ x 60′)
Soil Amend 7 ounces per thousand square feet. 3000/1000= 3 x 7 ounces per thousand = 21 ounces.
Add 21 ounces of product.
Turn the water on to 1/2 to 3/4 pressure.
Walk at a moderate pace covering a 6-8 foot swath.
After spraying a portion of the yard, stop to see how much product has been used
If you have sprayed too little you can go over the area again.
If spraying too much, walk a little faster, increase the width of the swath covered, or lower the sprayer setting.

General Eco Lawn and Garden Product Application Instructions For Back Pack Sprayers and 1 and 2 Gallon Pump Sprayers
For back pack and 1 and 2 gallon sprayers, calculate the area to be covered in square feet and calculate the product needed and add to the sprayer and fill the sprayer with water. Add the water first and then the product. Shake the sprayer to agitate and mix up the product. Spray the area measured with all the product, spraying evenly until it is gone.

Ready-To-Use (RTU) Sprayers
Simply attach this sprayer to your garden hose and you are ready to use. Calculate the amount of square feet to be sprayed and spray the product until the appropriate square footage has been covered. Each 32 ounce bottle will cover the following amount of square footage:

Soil Amend 4,571 square feet @ 7 ounces per thousand
Soil Amend Plus 4,571 square feet @ 7 ounces per thousand.
Bio Degrader 10,666 square feet @ 3 ounces per thousand.
SSP 16,000 square feet @ 2 ounces per thousand.
SSP 10,666 square feet @ 3 ounces per thousand
The RTU can be reused for Soil Amend, Soil Amend Plus,Bio Degrader, or SSP. It can also be used for other products. When using other products calculate the application rate in ounces per thousand and then divide 32 ounces by the application rate. This will show how many square feet will be covered.

Square Footage to be covered 5000. Application rate 6 ounces per thousand. 5 thousand times 6 ounces = 30 ounces. In general for 3 ounces per thousand or 32 ounces does 10,666 (10,000) square feet and 7 ounces per thousand, ounces does 4571 (5000) square feet.

Spraying Instructions
When ready to spray, turn the water on at about 1/2 to 3/4 pressure.
With the knob turned to Mix, walk at a moderate pace spraying a 6-8 foot wide swath. Keep moving the entire time while spraying. Only spray enough to lightly water the top of the grass or gardens.

After you have sprayed a portion of the yard, stop to calculate how much product you have sprayed. If you have used too much, walk faster. If you have used too little, you can go back over the potrtion and spray again. To adjust the rate, walk slower or faster or adjust the width of the swath you are spraying.

Flower and Vegetable Garden Instructions
Generally 1-2 Tablespoons per quart of water. For foliar spray, apply a light mist to leaves until point of runoff . Follow the application instructions for each product as found on the product label. Can be mixed with water in any watering container and simply poured on the soil or pot.

GSR MicroBurst 7-53-2 Calcium and GSR Turf Rite Calcium
Since this is a soluble powder, it must be mixed with water and shaken or stirred before adding to the sprayer. Add water to the sprayer or hose end sprayer and then add the needed amount of GSR MicroBurst 7-53-2 or GSR Turf Rite Calcium as required for the area to be sprayed. Agitate or mix thoroughly and begin spraying. The square footage calculation and sprayer instructions are the same as for other liquid products.