About ECO Lawn and Garden

Eco Lawn and Garden is a division of DAJ Enterprises, LLC which also does business as Eco Works Supply. We have been supplying eco-friendly lawn and garden products to the golf and turf industry as well as the commercial gardening industry for many years. Our customers include hundreds of golf courses, public and professional gardens, park boards and municipalities, professional ball parks (American and National League)and a great many folks like you. Our products are very successful and help make it possible for these customers to embrace eco-friendly methods while getting great results. DAJ Enterprises distributes these successful products to the home owner through Eco Lawn & Garden to help you build beautiful gardens and lawns that are safe for children and animals.

Eco Lawn & Garden has a goal of building sustainable environmentally friendly practices in the lawn and garden as well as the turf industry – serving the homeowner as well as the commercial environment. Our approach is proven to produce the highest quality flowers and gardens as well as beautiful lawns while maintaining a safe and environmentally correct environment.

Our products are manufactured using only natural and organic food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade raw materials. Many of our products are registered by OMRI and OCIA and all of them could be. We never use chemicals to make our products.

In the process of developing our suite of products we have learned that environmentally friendly lawn and garden products can be successful as fertilizers and soil amendments. We have developed sound programs for both turf and gardens and would be pleased to share what we know to assist you in building better lawns and gardens in a better world. Just contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you!

Thank you for using our products and for your passion to keep our environment free from chemicals!